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Terms of Service
Receipt, dissemination and execution of orders in financial instruments.Updated terms and conditions apply as of 02.01.2024.
Oda Allum Larsen
tisdag jan 2:a 2024 07:00

1. THE PARTIES Climatepoint AS ("ClimatePoint") is an investment firm licensed to exercise investment services as described in section 2 below. In connection with the performance of investment services pursuant to this agreement, the Customer will have a customer relationship with Climatepoint AS.

Contact information:

Name: Climatepoint AS Org. Nr: 823 860 862 Address: Universitetsgata 12, 0164 Oslo E-mail: [email protected]

2. INVESTMENT SERVICES ClimatePoint is permitted to place public offerings and receive, communicate and carry out orders on behalf of the customer in connection with financial instruments, cf. section 1.2 of the Securities Trading Act of 29 June 2007, no. 75 § 2-1, first paragraph no. 1.2, and 7. This Agreement, ClimatePoint's General Terms and Conditions, stipulates the conditions for the performance of the investment services between ClimatePoint and the Customer. This agreement applies to activities connected to the provision of investment services, even if not expressly referred to in this Agreement.

3. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CLIMATEPOINT AND THE CUSTOMER ClimatePoint offers an online solution for investing in companies and other financial instruments, directly and through established VC Funds ("ClimatePoint Platform"). When using the ClimatePoint platform, ClimatePoint will exercise the investment service order dissemination and market facilitation service.

Please note that the Service is not available to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa.

4. IMPORTANT INFORMATION WHEN INVESTING VIA THE CLIMATEPOINT PLATFORM The customer must carry out a test in accordance with the regulations in Securities trading law before trading is carried out. ClimatePoint is obliged, based on this test, to assess whether the transaction/product/service is appropriate for the customer, including assessing whether the Customer has the necessary experience and knowledge to understand the risks. If ClimatePoint believes that the customer does not have the necessary prerequisites for understanding the risk, ClimatePoint will not accept investment from the customer.

5. LIABILITY ClimatePoint is not liable for losses arising from the ClimatePoint platform being temporarily out of service or otherwise unavailable. In these cases, the customer may contact ClimatePoint directly to convey their order.

ClimatePoint is not responsible for errors from the Customer when the payment order was given, such as incorrect recipient account, key error or the like. ClimatePoint is nevertheless responsible for errors in a payment order issued in the company's online payment service if it does not provide security against such misuse that a customer or the general public can reasonably expect. The same applies to losses resulting from intentional or grossly negligent misuse on the part of the customer.

Even if ClimatePoint is not responsible for the fact that a payment transaction has not been completed correctly, the Bank will nevertheless take reasonable measures to have the amount reversed. ClimatePoint may charge a fee by the customer for such assistance. In addition, reference is made to the regulation of the parties' responsibilities in this Agreement.

6. RECEIPT OF ORDERS An order for subscription is deemed received by ClimatePoint at the time ClimatePoint receives all the information necessary to approve the drawing. Such an order received by ClimatePoint is binding on the customer. ClimatePoint will commence processing of an order for subscription on the same day that the order is deemed received. ClimatePoint may nevertheless not carry out the customer's subscription if one or more circumstances arise that indicate that the issue is not being carried out.

In cases where a capital increase is not carried out, the customer shall immediately, and without undue delay, be reimbursed for the amount repaid. The customer does not receive interest on this amount.

7. REVOCATION OF ORDER The Customer cannot revoke an order for subscription after it has been received by ClimatePoint. An order for subscription cannot also be revoked if ClimatePoint, at the request of the Customer, has or may be deemed to have confirmed to the recipient that the payment will be made.

Authorizations for individual payment transactions to be initiated by or via the payee cannot be revoked after the Customer has given consent to the transaction to the payee. If the subscription order is revoked, ClimatePoint is not responsible for any interest on late payments, debt collection fees and so on that the payee requires due to the revocation.

8. CONSENT TO THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA Customer data is subject to a statutory duty of confidentiality in accordance with the Securities Trading Act. In order for ClimatePoint to use the customer data from the investment firm as part of its business and in dialogue with the Customer across the individual departments in ClimatePoint, the Customer must give consent to this. With such consent, other departments in ClimatePoint will be able to gain access to the Customer's trades in financial instruments. The collection of customer data is necessary to perform the services covered by this Agreement and is also required by law. Accordingly, ClimatePoint cannot provide Customer with services under the Agreement without receiving relevant information from the Customer.

By using the platform, the customer accepts that the following customer information is registered with ClimatePoint; name, address, organisation number/national identity number, account number, volume, price/exchange rate, financial instruments, due date, currency, inventory, and other information related to the implementation of any expediency test. The customer may refrain from giving consent and may withdraw previously given consent at any time in writing. The customer has the right to access, rectification, erasure, data portability and may require that the processing of personal data be restricted. The customer has the right to complain about the processing of the personal data in violation of the rules of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

9. CONFIRMATION In addition to this Agreement, the business relationship between the Customer and the Enterprise will be governed by the Securities Trading Act with regulations, other relevant legislation, special agreements between the Company and the Customer, including a separate subscription form, as well as the Fund and Management Agreements through ClimatePoint AS and Green River Fund AS.

The Customer confirms by continuing to use the platform that information about the Customer will be processed and registered in ClimatePoint and has read and accepted this Agreement.

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ClimatePoint AS Universitetsgata 12, 0157 Oslo

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