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 ClimatePoint Investments
Funding the Future

ClimatePoint Investments is operating the world's first climate investment platform for buisnesses. What does that mean? Give us a minute: To make sure your business isn’t contributing to the climate crisis, you’ll need a decarbonized value chain. And that is impossible right now. Because the technology you need, doesn’t exist. Just yet.

In fact, the UN says that we lack trillions in climate investments, just in the energy sector. And then there’s transportation, food production, construction, and new energy sources. They all have to be clean.

The crazy part is – a lot of the solutions might already be here. They’re just not big enough to prove that they work. Or famous enough to get funding... That is where ClimatePoint comes in.

Combating climate change

Together with the world’s leading climate experts, we have identified the brains and businesses that can make the biggest difference to you company’s value chain. And now – your company can be part of that change.

To succeed in the green transition - we need something to transition into.

ClimatePoint Investments

Funding the future

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The Frontrunners

"We want to be an active part of the green technology shift that is now taking place in the travel industry. We will therefore invest in solutions that make a difference while having a clear strategy to reduce our climate footprint in the entire travel chain. The future must be about reduction, not compensation."

Magnus Wikner, CEO of Ving/Nordic Leisure Travel Group

"ClimatePoint enables us to invest in restructuring, and help start-up companies realize new technology and solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions more than we can on our own. Our goal is for more of the companies we invest in through ClimatePoint to come into a supplier position with greener solutions, so that together we can accelerate the transition."

Espen Karlsen, CEO Jernia

Funding the Future
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