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Tech of the month: Parkdressen
Parkdressen is challenging the traditional clothing industry, moving the consumer from the buy and toss mentality, to leasing and a more circular way of buying and using clothes.
Oda Allum Larsen
måndag sep 12:e 2022 10:00

Photo: Lindsey Bundschuh

Parkdressen is producing and leasing out playsuits for kids, the playsuits are made for extensive use throughout all seasons before the material are being recycled. The suits are made to withstand extensive use throughout 4 seasons (a season equals 9 months, makes a total of 36 months.) At the same time, the leasing subscription includes swap of sizes, repairs, and by the end of the season Parkdressen collects all the playsuits and make them ready for a new season for another family.

Leasing and reusing clothes has grown prevalent among the business to consumer market. By offering high-quality product to a low monthly cost, they're making it more accessible to a larger group of families in the society.

It is widely known that the clothing industry leaves a massive carbon footprint. In the EU, only about 50% of collected textiles are reused, and about 50% are recycled of which only 1% is made into new clothes. (CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs). At the same time, consumers throw away 80% of their textiles directly into the garbage (Stacey Flynn, CEO of Evrnu).

Parkdressen's main target is to create a mindset amongst the generation to come, so their consumption can be more sustainable than our existing consumer habits. They aim to make it easier better and cheaper to consume less while using our existing clothing more.

Parkdressen is about to launch their new platform, follow the link to explore.

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