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Miljø Norge is a newly established industrial company with the goal of increasing the circularity of a number of products. We reuse and process waste in order to utilize society's resources in the smartest way possible, both environmentally and economically. Our first circular product is a fire extinguisher. The circular business model we designed reuses extinguishers rather than importing newly manufactured ones. Expired or used fire extinguishers are taken in for service and returned to the market as good as new. In other words, we give new life to the product. Our reused fire extinguishers save society from a 38kg CO2 footprint per extinguisher. ♻️

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Easy, Sustainable Choices

By collaborating with a myriad of players in the value chain, such as waste management, retail, construction product chains, fire prevention organizations, distributors and more, we aim to simplify the return and procurement process for customers.

Together with our amazing partners, who assist us with logistics and distribution, we have already started schemes that enable exchanges and returns for our clients. This means that we provide customers the ability to purchase and exchange extinguishers from environmental stations or reuse markets, in mainstream stores and even deliver exchange services right to their door.


The Miljø Norge team received an Environmental Technology grant from Innovation Norway. According to the Head of Innovation Norway in Oslo and Viken [translated], “The transition to a circular economy is an important measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve the climate goals that Norway has set itself. The establishment of the plant is an important contribution to the green transition.”

The grant of 26 million NOK we received from Innovation Norway has fed investments in the production line and to implement new work processes in the company's premises in Lier outside Oslo. Our business model and production line can be adopted to all markets following the EU standards for fire extinguishers, and beyond.


Through automation and digitalization, we have developed a production line that ensures high quality while handling high production levels on the scale needed to meet the demands of the market. We're already serving clients across Norway, including Norwegian Fire Protection, one of the largest fire prevention organizations in Norway.

The potential market for Miljø Norge is massive, including industry, public buildings, infrastructure and real-estate development. And our business model and production line can be adopted to virtually every market that has fire extinguishers. EU fire extinguisher standards especially make this particularly easy for us to scale in Europe.


Circular economy = good consumer economy

Our goal is to offer circular products at an equally competitive price as buying new. We offer our customers a sustainable alternative and make it easy for them to make circular choices.

As responsible citizens, we understand that there must be an economic benefit for everyone in circular products. Both for those who buy the products, but also retailers and larger organizations. And the calculation has to work for us, as well, if we are going to be able to make a difference. The circular economy has arrived.

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