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We save lives and the environment

374 652 tons               

                 of reduction potential by 2030

525 tons                          

of reduction potential by 2030, enabled by ClimatePoint

Miljø Norge AS

Miljø Norge are the first to address the process of servicing reused fire extinguishers on a scale that meets the needs of the market. We have designed a circular business model where reuse replaces new ones. Outdated fire extinguishers are incorporated into our service process and returned back to the customer, as good as new.

Behind each product, we have an environmental certificate that shows the value of choosing circular, versus a traditional purchase of a new product ♻️

🇳🇴 Vebjørns vei 5, Norway
Climate Impact
Easy, Sustainable Choices

By collaborating with a myriad of players in the value chain, such as waste management, retail, construction product chains, fire prevention organizations, distributors and more, we aim to simplify the return and procurement process for customers.

Together with our amazing partners, who assist us with logistics and distribution, we have already started schemes that enable exchanges and returns for our clients. This means that we provide customers the ability to purchase and exchange extinguishers from environmental stations or reuse markets, in mainstream stores and even deliver exchange services right to their door.

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