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ClimatePoint Green River
Funding the Future by allocating funds where they matter the most

Green River Fund

Our long term investment strategy is to bring investment power to the most impactful and innovative solutions, discovered through Climate Impact Methodology

By investing in verified impact companies, funds are allocated where it really matters to move the future towards a low-carbon ecomony, generating attractive returns to our investors.

ClimatePoint Investment Mangement

Investor and fund manager regulated by the FSA of Norway.

We manage capital on behalf of corporates, institutional and family office investors.

ClimatePoint Investment Methodology

Sustainability and climate impact is embedded in every investment decision we make.

Our unique approach

The two most common reasons why start up fails:

1.Lack of funding at an early stage

2.Paying customers = revenue

Through our unique approach we take care of both these things: By allocating funds, start ups can continue to develop their business and by introducing them to our corporate network we help them onboard paying customers.

Investment verticals
Travel & Mobility

New solutions for a lower climate footprint in transport, travel and logistics. Within this vertical you will find companies working on how we can transport people and goods in a more carbon neutral manner, allowing for a sustainable way of travel in the future.

Food & Agrotech

Food and food-production are one of our greatest challenges and are currently accounting for 13% of global greenhouse gas emissions. ClimatePoint believes there exist significant decarbonization and value creation opportunities across the entire agriculture value chain.

Green Energy

Batteries, hydrogen and thermal solutions are an integral part of tomorrows energy mix and crucial to the decarbonization of our climate. That's why this vertical seek to find technologies working for lower emissions within use, transportation, storage and production of energy.

Circular Economy

A linear economy (take, make, use, dispose, pollute) is both unsustainable and inefficient. We seek to fund companies aiming to accelerate the transition into a circular economy and how we all can better captivate the resources used today.

Adaptation & Mitigation

As the effects of the climate crisis starts affecting our daily lives, adapting to a new climate is vital. How can we adapt to increased flooding, storms, and drought, and how can we mitigate the effects of starvation, land use and wildfires? This vertical invests in the new solutions.

Right Now

Many emission-free technologies already exist, but in some parts of the world they yet to been implemented. In this vertical we focus on scale-up of renewable solutions in developing and growing economies.

Buildings & Construction

The construction industry is in great need of new solutions across its’ value chain. New materials that enable lower energy usage, fewer resources, less surplus materials, and new methods for manufacturing. This may include everything from new cement, 3D printing houses – or just a new way of working and living.


Life under and above the ocean are a central part of the Sustainable Development Goals, and an integral part of our climate and nature going forward. ClimatePoint Maritime focuses on solutions within the maritime industry, both on and below the water line.

Our Team

ClimatePoint Investment Management is run by a team of dedicated professionals with the belief that we can solve the world's greatest challenges while achieving attractive financial return for our investors.

Nito Simonsen

CEO and co-founder


Tommy Nordahl Lund

Partner and Chief Growth Officer


Fredrik Mohr

Investment Analyst


Oda Allum Larsen

Head of Commercial


Latest News
Exploring Solar Water Solutions

Recently, we visited Solar Water Solution, one of our prospect solutions within the Travel & Mobility vertical, which has proven to be a sustainable solution of tomorrow.

Norsk Karbonlagring rebranded

Norsk Karbonlagring has rebranded as Down to Earth. This new identity embodies a commitment to making meaningful climate action accessible worldwide.

PI Energy News Update

PI Energy is committed to reducing solar PV installation costs and expanding solar power markets, in line with the UN's advice to make clean energy accessible to all.

Securing & Scaling DAC

Accelerating direct air capture on-site in Bergen, with strong partnerships and potential synergies within the Travel & Mobility cluster

Prime plant meats

ClimatePoint is excited and proud to announce our latest Food & Agrotech investment - Juicy Marbles

Fueling the Future: Nordic Electrofuel Secures EUR40M to Decarbonize Aviation

Nordic Electrofuel, is soaring to new heights as it recieves an impressive amount in funding from the EU Innovation Fund.

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Visit our offices on the 5th floor at Universitetsgata 12, 0164 Oslo

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