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Green River
Funding the Future by allocating funds where they matter the most

Green River Investment Management

Investor and fund manager regulated by the FSA of Norway.

We manage capital on behalf of corporates, institutional and family office investors.

Our long term investment strategy is to bring investment power to the most impactful and innovative solutions, discovered through Climate Impact Methodology

By investing in verified impact companies (scope 4), funds are allocated where it really matters to move the future towards a low-carbon ecomony, generating attractive returns to our investors.

Scope 1, 2, 3 and 4

For both investors and startups, the traditional framework for assessing environmental impact has been rooted in the measurement of direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, known as Scope 1,2 and 3.

However, the promising addition of Scope 4, or “avoided emissions”, is reshaping our understanding of a company’s environmental impact.

Scope 4 goes beyond the emissions produced by a company’s operations and indirect emissions from its value chain (Scope 1,2,and 3) to account for the emissions saved by its products or services in the market (Scope 4)

Green River Investment Methodology and overall investment criterias

Sustainability and climate impact is embedded in every investment decision we make and are therefore considered the back bone in all our funds.

Furthermore through our initial meet with the company we look for uniqueness in areas as Team members, growth potential, IP rights and patents and the forecast for great financial return for our investors.

Our unique approach

As climate impact is the back bone in all our investments we always start the Due Diligence process with an unique impact analysis conducted by ClimatePoint Impact Methodology.

If the company fail to show real impact the process stops and we move on to the next case.

When the company passes our investment criterias we allocate funds.

And now we move to the second stage of our unique approch!

The two most common reasons why start up fails:

1.Lack of funding at an early stage

2.Paying customers = revenue

Through our unique approach we take care of both these things:

By allocating funds, start ups can continue to develop their business and by introducing them to our corporate network we help them onboard paying customers.

During our ownership we will support the most promising ones with backing rounds to scale their business before exiting with a better outlook for great financial returns for our investors.

Investment verticals

Our Team

Green River Investment Management is run by a team of dedicated professionals with the belief that we can solve the world's greatest challenges while achieving attractive financial return for our investors.

Nito Simonsen

CEO and co-founder


Tommy Nordahl Lund

Partner and Chief Growth Officer


Fredrik Mohr

Investment Analyst


Oda Allum Larsen

Head of Commercial


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Visit our offices on the 5th floor at Universitetsgata 12, 0164 Oslo

Or reach out to our Chief Growth Officer - Tommy

+47 48262328

[email protected]

Funding the Future

ClimatePoint AS Universitetsgata 12, 0157 Oslo

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